Consultancy & Radio Planning

Designing and deploying a business-critical radio link or wireless network is technically challenging and requires industry knowledge and expertise. Rapid Wireless offers a variety of consultancy services to help with the design, project management and deployment of communications solutions.

Our experienced consultants can ‘hand hold’ you through the process to determine appropriate technologies and architecture to deliver an efficient solution that will include all aspects of radio planning and network design.

Rapid engineers have the experience in providing accurate transmission plans for an effective microwave link installation on existing or upcoming radio sites.

Radio Planning

Rapid Wireless can provide extensive radio planning services. Our radio planning to establish an optical radio line of sight (LOS) with no obstructions within the path, includes a theoretical feasibility study using OS mapping data and the latest profile software programmes and covers.

We can design and recommend the appropriate radio communication equipment to match any project requirement.

Rapid Wireless also offer consultancy services to organisations who are considering implementing radio technology as part of their ICT strategy. Rapid Wireless also offer Ofcom license and local planning (GDO) application services.

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