InfiNet InfiLINK XG

It is a record-breaking and innovative Point-to-Point solution in the sub-7 GHz frequency band, boasting the best-in-breed spectral efficiency, higher-than-ever-before processing power and distance vs performance ratio. Reaching a peak of 500 Mbps of net throughput in 40 MHz of spectrum and more than 130 Mbps in only 10 MHz, it is the highest performing Point-to-Point system in the marketplace.

The InfiLINK XG can be accompanied by a range of integrated antennae, as well as a connectorised version for use with 3rd party external antennae, and coupled with improved transmit power and sensitivity, the XG family will fit perfectly into a large array of applications such as backhaul in the telecom market, education, oil and gas, smart cities, video surveillance and public safety.


Frequency Bands:

3.9 — 5.0 GHz

4.9 — 6.0 GHz

6.0 — 6.425 GHz

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