Mast, Tower & Pylon Services

Masts & Towers

Rapid Wireless provides a full turnkey service for lattice tower and monopoles including structure and foundation design, supply, installation and commissioning. Site groundworks and perimeter fencing services are also available. For existing structures, Rapid’s services include tower inspection to meet maintenance and Safe to Climb certification requirements together with reporting on strengthening, structure upgrades and repairs.

Rapid will also be pleased to supply proposals to deliver these requirements. Upgrade proposals may include Rapid’s in-house standard bracketry and steelwork solutions together with bespoke solutions as appropriate.

Aircraft Avoidance Lights (A.A.L.)

Aircraft Avoidance Lights (A.A.L.) are regularly included within mast and tower structures, especially when positioned within flight paths or adjacent to airfields. Rapid Wireless will install and maintain AAL as required.



Pylons are regularly deployed to host telecommunications equipment. Rapid Wireless employs in-house teams of Working at Heights accredited riggers experienced in National Grid commissioning and decommissioning projects.

Rapid also maintains and manages approved sub-contractor partnerships.

Rapid staff training schedules ensure that qualifications and working practices are maintained to required standard and pylon training is monitored and regulated by National Grid SAP’s (Senior Authorised Person). 

Latch Way Inspections

Rapid Wireless will install new Latchways systems and undertake inspections of existing Latchways. These inspections are completed to a high standard and include all aspects of the installation. A full check list and report are provided as part of the service.


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