Monopoles & Trailer Masts

We can design and supply galvanised and timber shrouded monopoles up to 20 metres in height together with 35 metre  trailer mast rentals for temporary and event applications.

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Monopoles are available for locations where planning or environmental constraints impose structure restrictions and can offer a cost-effective alternative to lattice-type towers where distribution or relay mounting requirements are for limited numbers or lighter weight hardware requirements (typically licence-exempt radio, CCTV or smaller antenna installations). Ideal for urban and campus-style settings, monopoles are typically supplied to support 10mtr to 20mtr mounting requirements.

Trailer Mounts

Trailer Mounts are typically Strumech-type wind-up and tilt-over lattice steel towers. Single and dual axle models are available and can be deployed to meet mounting requirements ranging from 6mtrs to 30mtrs.

Trailer-mounted fixings can be supplied for guyed stability at lower heights and ground anchors can be included for additional stability at greater heights where location footprint allows. Suited to temporary site development or outdoor events, trailer mounts can support inbound point-to-point radios, CCTV, monitoring equipment and point-to-multipoint applications. Mast extension can be operated mechanically or pneumatically. Purchase and rental options are available.